Gold Loan

Gold Loan


In volatile times and during a contingency you can take a Loan on Gold, for any use other than to purchase jewellery.

​​​​​​​Gold is a valuable asset, and with it comes surety and stability, so why not let it work for you? With minimal documentation and quick disbursal, a Gold Loan is a seamless solution. You can avail a Loan against Gold at any time. Our flexible tenure and repayment options ensure that your monthly outgoings are within your budget.


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Gold Loan Highlights 2023

Loan processing charge (processing fee)
Upto 1% of disbursal amount(Inclusive of applicable Tax)
Valuation charge
Rs 250 +applicable tax up to 1.5 lacs per packet per loan
Renewal Charges
Rs 350 + applicable tax
Payment Return Charges
Rs. 200 + applicable tax

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Types of Gold Loans

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Gold Loan Offering
Term Loan, OD and Bullet repayment available
Gold Loan Interest
HDFC Bank Gold Loan comes with competitive interest rates on Term Loan, Overdraft and EMI based loan. Repay your loan in easy lower EMIs, over a tenor of your choice.
Gold Loan Tenure
Gold Loans is available for tenures starting from 3 months up to 24 months.
Gold Loan Repayment
Repay only the interest on the loan every month
Enjoy monthly outflow as low as ₹ 1,000 per lakh (based on an indicative rate of 12% pa)
Gold Loan Amount
Get loans starting at ₹ 25,000 (Minimum loan amount of ₹ 10000/- available in rural markets)

Gold Loan FAQ's

A loan taken against your on gold or jewellery is known as a Gold Loan. When you hand over your gold to the bank in return of a specific amount is classified as a Gold Loan. It is a quick and straightforward process to obtain funds against your gold with minimal documentation at competitive Gold Loan interest rates with flexible tenures. 

An Indian Resident between the age of 18 and 75 years who is a businessman, trader, farmer, a salaried or self-employed individual is eligible to apply for a Gold Loan.

You can apply for a Loan against Gold when you require funds for a specific end-use purpose. As the turn around time to receive the funds over the counter , you can use this advantage to apply for a Gold Loan during an emergency as well. 

In the situation of a Gold Loan non-repayment , the bank begins with sending reminders via email and texts to intimate the borrower regarding EMI payment. After a stipulated period certain penal charges or interest rates are levied on the Gold Loan amount. Eventually, if the Gold Loan amount is not paid after repetitive follow-ups over the due course stipulated by the bank, the bank will proceed to sell or auction the gold ornaments and repay the loan amount. 

The Loan against Gold can be repaid through easy monthly instalments calculated on the interest rate and tenure offered. Loan options available are Term Loan, Overdraft or Bullet repayment facility. You can choose to repay only the interest every month or the regular EMI every month. Your monthly outflow can be as low as Rs. 1,000 per Rs. 1 lac (this is based on an indicative rate of 12% p.a.). If you choose Bullet repayment facility, then repay the interest and principal amount after 1 year.